Week 2 Photos- FAIL

3 08 2009

Well, I kind of broke one of my lenses this weekend so I couldn’t complete the assignment : (  I’m hoping to get my lens fixed/replaced this week and to do my assignment late.

John wanted to go night fishing so I tagged along with the camera.  I had it on the tripod to take some pictures and I went to move the tripod and the camera fell off.  Not sure if it was an IO (idiot operator) error or tripod error.  Regardless, it fell lens first. I checked it right after and it looked okay and still took pictures, so I thought it was ok.  The next day is when I realized won’t move past 20mm (it’s a 18-55mm). Boo.


DSC_0639Both the above:
Focal Length: 18mm
Shutter Speed: 30 sec.
f-stop: 22


This one is where my rear end bumped the tripod while I was doing the mosquito dance and I got some unexpected light trails.  Everything’s the same except it’s f/14.


Week 2 Assignment Description

30 07 2009

Share up to 10 photos that:

freeze motion and convey motion

You need to do both, but not in the same photo

And stick with the same rules as last time, no tweaking in Photoshop.  That keeps the playing field level and helps everyone shoot more carefully.

Assignment 1 – Photos

27 07 2009

My 3 favorites:



The rest (they’re not all prefect!):


This was pretty tough. It was hard not to edit or re-take the ones I knew were no good!

Week 1 Assignment Description

25 07 2009

Take 36 different photos of a chair — only 36 exposures.  Share all 36 photos, and choose your favorite 3 and share those separately (or at the top of your entry or something).

No retouching, no messing, no funny business — WYSIWYG.  (What you see is what you get.) That part is skeery!