Week 2 Photos- FAIL

3 08 2009

Well, I kind of broke one of my lenses this weekend so I couldn’t complete the assignment : (  I’m hoping to get my lens fixed/replaced this week and to do my assignment late.

John wanted to go night fishing so I tagged along with the camera.  I had it on the tripod to take some pictures and I went to move the tripod and the camera fell off.  Not sure if it was an IO (idiot operator) error or tripod error.  Regardless, it fell lens first. I checked it right after and it looked okay and still took pictures, so I thought it was ok.  The next day is when I realized won’t move past 20mm (it’s a 18-55mm). Boo.


DSC_0639Both the above:
Focal Length: 18mm
Shutter Speed: 30 sec.
f-stop: 22


This one is where my rear end bumped the tripod while I was doing the mosquito dance and I got some unexpected light trails.  Everything’s the same except it’s f/14.




One response

6 08 2009

if you need a 18-55 for nikon, I have one that I NEVER use 🙂

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